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Official Rules Of Modme
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As a part of keeping the community clean and friendly, there are a few rules that must be held. Take care to read these, and note that a violation of these rules will result in a consequence. These rules apply to both the Modme Client, Forum & Chat, adapted as it fits. Moderators will see to uphold these rules. Common sense is not to be thrown away, but pay attention to play by these rules. A ban is a joint decision of multiple staff members, and is done so to keep the forum clean. If you have any issues with the behavior of the staff, or wish to appeal a ban, you may contact the staff about your situation, and it will be followed up.



# 1 - No Spamming

Spamming is unnecessary, and causes nothing but trouble. This includes spamming emotes, words and/or sentences, topics, posts, and similar. Caps Lock is not meant to be on during an entire message, and therefore will be used responsibly. When writing code, please use the code tags and wrap large images in a spoiler tag.


# 2 - No Pornography

This site is not a porn-site, if it was we'd be rich and not have to ask for donations so therefore any form of pornographic or sexually revealing content is not allowed. If you want to share pornographic material, this is not the place.


# 3 - No Pirated Content

Pirated content is forbidden on Modme. Any link to pirated media will be taken down and the user will receive a permanent ban.

    Note - With regards to 'ripped' content from Call of Duty games:

    Any content that is extracted from games in the Call of Duty franchise is the sole property of Activision, and by posting any uncooked assets from the game files, you acknowledge this fact, and you take full responsibility for the content posted. Such uncooked assets may be posted in the Modme forums under the condition that it is packaged and presented as a resource for those wishing to distribute mods for Call of Duty games. All links to such content must be wrapped in [ download ] tags AND must contain properly packaged content. This means if you provide models they MUST have working GDTs for each entry, GDTs generated with Wraith or other tools will NOT be accepted unless every entry was properly fitted to the best of your ability. Failure to do so will get you a warning then a ban from the site. Any posts found to contain large dumps of files will be removed and the user will receive a permanent ban.


# 4 - Respect each other

To keep the community friendly and healthy, we need to show each other respect. We expect you to act mature. We don't want to censor anything you have to say, but if you are nothing but hostile and constantly insult people, we will take action. Constructive criticism is welcomed, you are free to criticise a modders work (feedback is a programmer's best tool!) but if you become a cancerous lump in the community, you will be removed from it. Feel free to provide feedback to our Moderators as well, if you feel an action was taken wrongly, contact a higher up. Also, threatening or interfering with someone's life will result in an instant, permanent ban. Peoples personal or enclosed information is not to be shared with other people, unless you have their consent. This form of behavior is under no circumstances allowed, and may even be illegal in some cases.


# 5 - No Soliciting

Soliciting, whether in the form of advertising, begging for assets, posting alternative discord links or similar, is to be kept off the site. If the rule is broken, it will be dealt with accordingly, based on how big the violation is. Portfolio, and similar personal content may be posted, but advertising your own, or other products is not allowed. If you want to advertise, you go somewhere else.


# 6 - No half done, poorly completed content

Box-maps specifically, we will not allow you to post content which is clearly poorly made. Most of the games we support are rated 18+ and we expect you to act that way when hosting your content. Mods will delete your post without warning. You know who you are, and should be able to determine whether or not your content is acceptable for public display.



Modme operates on a ZERO tolerance policy.


If you feel as though an action against you was dealt with unfairly, please report the case in feedback.


If you're new here, then from all the Modme staff, welcome to Modme!