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Help How do you change the gun that you have when downed
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I am wondering if there is a script that can change the MR6 you have when down to what ever gun you want. 

I looked to see if there is anything on this and did not see anything so I will appreciate the help.


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This is from JBird632's tutorial video on this


In your MAPNAME.gsc under zm_usermap::main();


Change pistol_standard and pistol_standard_upgraded in the quotations to change the pistol. For example: ar_standard for the kn44



	level.default_laststandpistol	= GetWeapon( "pistol_standard" );
	level.default_solo_laststandpistol = GetWeapon( "pistol_standard_upgraded" );
	level.laststandpistol 		=level.default_laststandpistol;
	level.start_weapon		=level.default_laststandpistol;

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