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Hi All!

While I wrap things up here, we have been discussing the best course of action here for the forums. We realize that we have a lot of content that should be preserved both on the forums and the wiki so we have decided to move forward and upgrade everything in the process. We will be merging the forums and wiki together on a new platform, which costs a one time upfront payment. We will be raising money for the upgrade and as soon as we hit the mark we will begin the process. This process will be involved and downtime WILL occur for up to 24h after starting, we realize this may be an inconvenience to some people but in the long run it will allow us to still grow as a community.


New things coming with this change:

  • Completely updated theme, designed around Modme, mobile-first.
  • New profile pages to show off your work, creations, and host links
  • New pages for your released content, easier to find
  • S*E*A*R*C*H!
  • Wiki content properly organized by games, along with forum posts being merged into wiki content for additional help.

Going forward we will be looking for:

  • People to help maintain the new Wiki.
  • Designers for future Modme changes. (Send @Koan / @DTZxPorter a portfolio) (Koan will see it before me...)

We look forward to growing with you guys and potentially documenting Black Ops 4 if the need arises. 


Donations (Please submit modtag if you want donation status): Donate Via Paypal

We will stop fundraising once we meet our goal and announce a time for the downtime a week in advance.

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I'd be very happy to help admin the content, been an avid user of the mod tools and resources since waw times.

On the modme discord should you wish to talk (voice) further regarding this.

Also have 15 years web dev experience if you want any help with the upgrades. I am a huge advocate for adding a search feature. May I also suggest filtering and advanced sorting options too.