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HarryBo21's Shrieker Zombie
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Topic created on 1517710930
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Harry Bo21

  should fix it

 thanks for updating, good job grin.png

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Ok I Got The Spawns Working now and he is moving but he still has white legs 

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Yabi Dabi
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Ok I Got The Spawns Working now and he is moving but he still has white legs 

 nvm got it fixed just used makescents launcher compile to fix it 

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Yabi Dabi
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v3.0.1 updated


required
* Moved all animations to behavior
* Added csc and client field support
* Scripted the "glow" for the Shrieker emmisive materials
* Improved the FX
* Overall bug fix and improvement ( Fixed bugs in spawn logic )
* Modified his Fx and added eye fx
* Fully commented and optimized code
* Disabled pain and pain reaction functionality from the Napalm Zombie as he should be immune to this
* Move as many fx as possible to client script side
* Moved a metric ton of settings, tweaks and logic to the GSH so people can tweak the settings and behavior should they want to
* Improved and fixed some issues with Shrieker Zombie spawn logic
* Found a optimisation for allowing to disable the normal power up drop logic applying to Shrieker Zombies
* Fixed a issue with the points rewarded for killing a Shrieker Zombie not being affected by the double points power up multiplier
* Added a possible override to nullify damage from a Shrieker Zombie to a certain ai or player
* Condensed and optimized the CSC a bit
* Moved Shrieker Zombie to his own custom Archetype
* Reduced overall code
* Added spawn pause code for if Shrieker Zombies are disabled at any point, or if level.intermission is set to true
* Implemented official spawn point logic
* Modified the logic so the Shrieker Zombies will function properly if they are spawned outside of windows
* Added Attractor Strength to FX
* Modified Z Feather and bounding box values for fx
* Updated the HB21 utility
* Bug fixed general issues
* Wrote a better control for waiting for the black screen to pass
* Added immunity to the Apothicon Servant

* Fixed all developer mode errors
* Edited the instructions to correct the missing comma - wouldnt have caused a issue but changed to keep things uniform
* Updated Files in the zpkg
* Reduced the spawn sound and scream sound volume in the sound alias
* Added the missing AST definnitions file to the download, this would have stopped his side step movement from working

HarryBo21's BO3 Perks v2.2.1
FX Library v1.0.2
Black Ops 3 Gun Pack v2.4.1
Black Ops 3 Napalm Zombie v3.0.1
Black Ops 3 Shrieker Zombie v3.0.1
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getting animation errors. Any idea what could be going on?

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gotopizv2   getting animation errors. Any idea what could be going on?


do you use harry's gunpack? if so, just replace its content into the root folder. When i added the traps, i had the same error that you have now. After that, it was fixed for me. ( should be 44 files with same name? ) 

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