Hi All,

Most of you don’t know me as anyone other than Porter, or “That guy who made Wraith.” My name is Nick. I have been developing software since I was 14 years old, completely self taught and up until now I have been motivated by striving to better my engineering skills by developing and reverse engineering software that I found interesting. Recently, this past spring that literally feels like was just yesterday, my life had changed for the better. I landed a pretty decent internship and met my significant other.

        Modding has always been a passion of mine even though I have never released any actual ‘Mod’ for any video game. A lot of the older members will know that I have been around since CustomCod was created (Which was even earlier than ZombieModding, shout-out to BigDave and DarkFlame for teaching my young ass about life.) If it wasn’t for those two, I may not have ended up continuing to pursue software engineering.

        While I am leaving, I can only leave you with what I have learned over the years as an engineer and that is to keep striving to make what you’ve developed better. There is always a more optimized way to do something even if you can’t figure it out yet. The same goes with your life, if you don’t like where you are, make a change. It may take a lot of work and learning along the way but life is so much happier in the end.

See y’all.

Nick. <3

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