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Harry Bo21's Scripts, Assets and Combined FFs
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how do I actualy install your combined ff cause I juss tried an got error where there was mising anims for the perks in packapunch atr and everything can u put a guid quickly on how to intall the combined ff please

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server script compile error bad syntax

 ) if( self GetCurrentWeapon() == "mine_bouncing_betty" && maps\_zombiemode_weap_zombie_shield::harrybo21_shield_is_weapon( self GetCurrentWeapon() ))

I downloaded the perks shields craftables pack and did the perks and craftables and for the shield part I used shield 2.1 and brought over maps files,raw and the iwd. I went into script and followed the instructions on what to add or change. 

Also if I am using the bundle ff, do I need to put the mod.csv into the launcher console? if so, where do I find the mod.csv for each shield?

And Also where exactly do I comment out shields? I tried to use the tranzit shield and not the alcatraz, is this how I would do that? Thanks

            Tranzit Shield
harrybo21_shield_load_shield( "bo2_zm_shield_tranzit", "bo2_t6_wpn_zmb_shield_stow", "bo2_t6_wpn_zmb_shield_dmg1_stow", "bo2_t6_wpn_zmb_shield_dmg2_stow", "t6_wpn_zmb_shield_world", "t6_wpn_zmb_shield_dmg1_world", "t6_wpn_zmb_shield_dmg2_world" );

// Alcatraz Shield
harrybo21_shield_load_shield( "bo2_zm_shield_motd", "bo2_t6_wpn_zmb_shield_dlc2_dmg0_stow", "bo2_t6_wpn_zmb_shield_dlc2_dmg1_stow", "bo2_t6_wpn_zmb_shield_dlc2_dmg2_stow", "t6_wpn_zmb_shield_dlc2_dmg0_world", "t6_wpn_zmb_shield_dlc2_dmg1_world", "t6_wpn_zmb_shield_dlc2_dmg2_world" );

yeah and to ad o to my lat post and this post what do we install first the perks?? the craftables ??? the shiel?? caue they all have some of the same named files but they are not all the same so can u do tut
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I am getting a bunch of weird errors regarding your perks. Mostly script compile errors on things which should not be script compile errors.

Here are a few:

unknown function
player thread maps\_zombiemode_origins_hud::setup_player();

unknown function

unknown function
if ( !self is busy() && !selfisMeleeing() && isDefined( self.current_shield_ammo ) && self.current_shield_ammo > 0 && isDefined( level.shields[ weapname ].fire_function ) )

I got past the first 2 errors by commenting them out, but have not gotten past the 3rd one

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Oh, I forgot to mention I am using the Combined ff file. Obvously because of the reference to the shield. lol

Update: I got past the errors by spamming the play map button. Eventually it loads the map up to the last bit. Unfortunately, it stops loading there and freezes. I think I might just have too much stuff in my map. idk.

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