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[Drag n Drop] Ricos BO3 weapon ports for your map/mod
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Many thanks Ricos this is awesome ........ May i ask what camo index your using in the vids whats the number (is it 75 by any chance ??) 

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UMP45 added n.n |

 El Ricos! Port MW3 PKP Pecheneg & MK46! 

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Hey El Ricos, do you think you can port the usp .45 from mw2. Please and thanks. Also I love the ports man, they are amazing!!!

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El ricos! Please port this gun!

LV8 Basilisk

Damage: 100-150

PaP: Vibria's Spinal Tail

PaP Damage: 200-250

LV8 Basilisk


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El Ricos! Port This Gun!

LV8 Basilisk - Vibria's Spinal Tail